An optimistic global citizen
with a passion for adventure.

Joey Boyer

 International Development Specialist

  • Middle East & North Africa
  • Information Communications Technology for Development (ICT4D)
  • Gender Equality
  • Geopolitics and Diplomacy


    Voyage & Logistics

  • Detail Oriented
  • Comprehensive
  • Credible
  • Intercultural
  • Interpersonal
  • Internationally Travelled



  • Grant Applications
  • QuickBooks Accounting
  • PC & MAC - Software and Hardware
  • Microsoft Office Suite & Other Programs
  • Eloquent Writer
  • Arabic: Modern Standard - advanced
  • Arabic: Egyptian - intermediate
  • Spanish - intermediate
Professional Background
Research Analyst
IJMA3-USA is the sister organization to IJMA3: The Arab ICT Organization which represents the ICT sector across the Middle East and North Africa.  
My responsibilities include contributing research and assist in writing grant proposals for international development projects. Additionally, I prepare and attend various meetings as assistant to the CEO and liaise with appropriate donors and perspective members of IJMA3-USA. Furthermore, I handle communications with various donors, international agencies, various government departments, and foreign embassies / consulates.  
Women's Alliance for Virtual Exchange 
Intern: ICT's and Gender Equality
WAVE is a newly established non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of women globally, but in particular those in the Middle East, North Africa, & Central Asia. WAVE aims to advance women's leadership in civil society and politics, support women's entrepreneurship, and to promote women and girls in STEM fields.
As a member of the WAVE team, I assisted with the transition, establishment, and registration of WAVE as an incorporated organization. Additionally, I contributed brainstorming and writing of international grant proposals, coordinating and implementation of global development projects, correspondences with officials from various organizations, embassies, and government institutions.   

I believe that there is an intersection between one’s personal and professional goals and I strive to balance the two in an exciting and impactful career. 

My strongest skills pertain to my communication and ability to interact with people.  I have worked a range of jobs from restaurants & hospitality, to translations, to labor, to office research & administration, and find that across all of them, charisma and an easy-going attitude have been the most helpful aspect to undertaking any task.  I frequently grow into or find myself in leadership positions, but am always happy and open to incorporating outside perspectives.  After all, with the speed of today’s world, improvisation and adaptability are key components to success.
While I consider myself fairly well versed and possess a wide range of work experience, my career focus continuously becomes clearer.  I have recently combined my Arabic language skills and my interests in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), with a particular special focus on Information  Communications Technology and the potential benefits that tech development could have for the region.   I have strong intercultural and interpersonal skills as shaped by my life experiences and can be a unifying and steadfast member of any team, or efficiently and productively manage myself.
Bridging Nations Foundation
Research & Administrative Intern
The Bridging Nations Foundation promotes dialogue between the United States, India, and China pertaining to technological progress of the three countries, as well as endeavors to make improvements through education and workforce development to bridge the divide between the three countries and lead them to a shared prosperity.
In my time at BN, I contributed to the generation and development of ideas for courses, research projects and events during weekly meetings with CEO. I assisted in numerous ways with the growth and development of a start-up education initiative known as the College of Energy, Environment, and Sustainability. I contributed to research and preparatoin of grant proposals. I conducted research and crafted written reports and posts for BN social media, newsletters, or specific members and supporters. I offered general technical support.
Peace Corps Headquarters
Building Management: Work-Study
The Peace Corps is the preeminent international service organization of the United States and sends Americans abroad to tackle the most pressing needs of people around the world. Based in DC, the Peace Corps HQ manages global operations. 
I served as a member of the building management team which was responsible for building and inventory management for all global locations. I was responsible for compiling, clarifying, and organizing inventory records of all Peace Corps purchases and holdings for the previous year.
About Me
Born in Tucson and raised in Prescott, Arizona, I moved to Washington, D.C. to attend The George Washington University and to escape my small home town blues and begin experiencing and exploring the world. I am grateful every day for the opportunities and experiences that I’ve had and am always looking forward to seeing what’s next on my path.
I consider myself a global citizen and practical optimist.  I have been fortunate enough to explore and adventure all over the United States and many parts of the world throughout my life.  From hiking coyote trails with native Seri guides on remote islands in the Gulf of California, to getting the authentic Egyptian perspective while  making friends with local Nubian’s of Elephantine Island,  this range of experiences has taught me much about myself and shaped the world perspective I hold today.
While I have many personal passions and interests, I have been particularly drawn to Egypt from a very young age.  My exposure to the Middle East was virtually zero, yet nothing could have been more exciting and able to fulfill my lifelong dream more than the study abroad year I attended at The American University in Cairo during the 2008-09 school year.  While my experiences at AUC were amazing in and of themselves, my true classrooms during that year were the streets and countryside of Egypt.  To say the least, my experiences in Egypt were a dream come true!
​​I have a strong love for music, both playing and listening.  Jazz is my absolute favorite, with a fairly liberal dabbling across the musical board, especially for funk or rock.  I’ve studied and played jazz trumpet throughout my life, played in various gigs and bands in various clubs and venues, and have even played in an Arab Music ensemble during my time in abroad. 
I’m an aspiring baker and enjoy cooking with friends and family. I enjoy exploring Washington D.C. and learning about the city’s unique architecture and history while cycling my way through the capitol’s narrow streets and chaotic traffic.  Since my childhood, I’ve been an avid backpacker and camper and have a growing interest in learning primitive skills; I’ll take any chance I get to sleep under the stars.
The George Washington University
The American Univesity in Cairo
Elliott School of International Affairs
Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs 
Regional Focus: Middle East

Relevant Courses: 
  • Islam
  • Women in Islam
  • Geography of South Asia
  • Arabic Language courses
  • International Diplomacy courses
GWU/AUC Study Abroad Program 2008-09
Middle East/North Africa Regional politics & history
Arabic Langauge courses

Relevant Courses:
  • Political Economics
  • Modern Movements in Islam
  • Government & Politics of Egypt
  • History of the Modern Middle East
  • Non-Muslim Communities in the Muslim World
Please feel free to contact me through the form or contact information provided below. 

Cellphone: 928-848-7753
Washington, D.C. 
United States of America